Don't forget to check us out on

Don't forget to check us out on

January 14, 2015
Hello Everyone!
  It's been a crazy past few months!  We've been staying pretty busy! We've played all sorts of events!  We've played at
bars, weddings, birthday parties, celebrations, conventions, restaurants, and regular music venues!  I've gotten a bit
behind on updating the website because of all the action!  I've been adding a LOT of stuff to the website!
  In addition to Radio Cult, Ricky and I have joined a bluegrass/fauxgrass band called Possum Kingdom Ramblers!  We
play top 40 classics- only in a bluegrass fashion! It's a lot of fun!  You can check out our facebook page by clicking
  Have you been to a convention or event and thought you saw us there?  You might have!  We were at Walker Stalker Con,
Atlanta's Wizard's Ball (which was AMAZING! I posted an entire PAGE of photos from it!), Super 8 Monsterama, The
Crossroads of Summer, Atlanta Comic Convention, and even Summer Chills! We have several more big convention/events
coming up soon!  Make sure to check our calendar because I'll post the dates as we book them!
  Radio Cult has several tracks on the Hawk of New York CD soundtrack that was released last year!  You can purchase
a copy
HERE!  The Possum Kingdom Ramblers even have a track on it!
  Radio Cult has been featured in many magazines and articles over the years!  One of the more recent ones was a nice
article in Grease Ink!  Grease Ink is available in most tattoo parlors around the United States!
  Check out these additions/updates to the website:
Halloween 2014 Photos, Live Photos, Miscellaneous Photos, Fan Art,
Wizard's Ball 2014 Photos, and the Photos Page!
-Bambi Lynn

My new Dean ML!

We LOVE having people sit in!

Off-stage shenanigans!

Augusta, GA

Canton, GA!


Surprise fan!


Walker Stalker Con!

Face melt!

Hawk of NY CD!


Bambi's a

Best request!

Grease Ink

The tables &
chairs exploded!

By: Rob Mack

My new friend!

Misfits Princess




Covington, GA

Super 8


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High Energy fun show! 80s party music, 80's influenced original music and so much more!!! Extraordinary cover band!

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