California 2008


Thanks to Carlos and Jason for letting us use some of their photos!
Click on an image below to see an enlarged photo!



Rockin' in Covina, CA!

Bambi points at the
Hollywood sign!

Rockin' out in North Hollywood!

Our new CA friends!
Scurvy Kids & Order of the Fly


Dee Dee Ramone!

On the plane!



Benny Only rockin'
a Dean guitar!

In the LAX airport

We played across from
Universal Studios!

Fredrick's of

Zakk Wylde & Bambi
have the same size hands!

Elvis attacks Ricky

Betty Blowtorch

Benny Only w/ Dean guitar
and a Bambi Lynn guitar pic!



We got to see a lot of graffiti!

"Most Haunted Hotel in Hollywood"

The good ol' Whisky!

Ricky pointing at the
Hollywood sign!

The Rainbow!

The Roxy

Jim Henson company!


Paramount Pictures main gate!

Up the hill to the rich!

"4 most beautiful woman"

Chinese Theater


High Energy fun show! 80s party music, 80's influenced original music and so much more!!! Extraordinary cover band!
This musical group is about music, entertainment, having fun, and  high-energy shows! Rock and roll!

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High-Energy fun show!.