Rob Zombie

Ron Jeremy

Torry Castellano & Allison Robertson of
The Donnas

Steven Adler
Guns 'N Roses


John 5 of
Marilyn Manson

Peter Steele of
Type O Negative

Dave Gara of
Skid Row

Mitch James of


Blasko of
Ozzy Osbourne

Lonnie Wilson of
Brooks and Dunn

Sid Haig

Neil Gaiman
(Bambi's favorite author)


Brian O'Halloran
Clerks, Clerks 2, Mallrats, Vulgar


Atlanta Braves catcher
Brian McCann

Ari Lehman
The first "Jason Voorhees"
in Friday the 13th



Doc Hammer
The Venture Brothers

P. J. Soles
Rock & Roll High School,
Halloween, Stripes, Carrie

Felix Silla
Addam's Family's Cousin Itt

Camden Toy
Buffy The Vampire
Slayer & Angel


Lloyd Kaufman
Actor/owner of Troma Videos (The Toxic Avenger)

Tommy Clufetos of
Ted Nugent & Alice Cooper

Kenny Hickey of
Type O Negative

Larry Mainland
The Walking Dead


Chip Znuff of
E'nuff Z'nuff

David J. Haskins & Kevin Haskins of
Bauhaus & Love and Rockets

J. Larose
Saw 3 & 4, Insidious,
REPO: The Genetic Opera

Sarah Sin of
The Creepshow


Zach Galligan

Bobby Calabrese

Maya Ford of
The Donnas

Larry Hama
GI Joe Comic Book Artist/Writer

One-Eyed Doll

Temuera Morrison
Star Wars

Jimmy Calabrese

Carl Hemmes from
The Drew Carey Show
& Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

Sickboy of
The Creepshow

Daniel Emory Taylor
Swamp Thing 2

Dee Dee Ramone of
The Ramones

Johnny Kelly of
Type O Negative

Tad Hills
author of "Rocket Writes a Story"

Kenny Neal

Adrian of
The Hiss

Chase Masterson from
Star Trek: Deep Space 9

Robert of

Reverend McGinty of
The Creepshow

Samantha Newark (voice of Jem)
Jem & the Holograms

Suzi Lorraine
the Scream Queen

Tucky Williams

April Burril
Chainsaw Sally

(Bambi sang a song with them, photo on right)

Lee Ventures
GRP recording artist (also of The Aquarium Rescue Unit)

Chris Marshall
of Sacred Circle

Kyoko Kanazawa of
Ars Nova




High Energy fun show! 90s 80s party music, 90's 80's influenced original music and so much more!!! Extraordinary cover band!

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