Kinder, LA Flood of 2006!


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The Date: October 27, 2006
The Place: Coushatta Casino - Kinder, LA

  We finished our Thursday night show at the casino and started hearing people talk about how hard it was raining.  We
were staying at the casino's inn next door which was connected by a walking path.  We opted to take a shuttle bus
instead of having to walk in the downpour.  The rain continued to pour down all night and all the next morning.  I was
awakened several times throughout the early morning by the rain slamming into the window of my room.  I noticed the
puddles getting larger and larger outside.  I thought it would be alright, so I climbed back into bed.  I was awakened by
my phone around 9am.  The hotel was flooding!  I got up and looked out the window and found that my "puddles" had
gotten a LOT bigger!  I immediately went to the front lobby to find out what was going on.  The lobby was full of guests
worried about being trapped in the hotel.  Apparently a nearby river had flooded and was pushing water into the area.
I went outside and realized that our van was under water!  A tow truck had been called to try and "rescue" the cars from
the flood.  While waiting for the tow truck, I walked around the inn to see if I could find a dry path to the casino.  The
shallowest area that a vehicle could fit threw was about a foot and a half deep.  The shuttle buses started picking people
up to take them to the casino from there.  The hotel still hadn't evacuated since the water hadn't made it indoors yet, though.
  About an hour later the tow truck arrived.  People got in line with their car keys to get their vehicles towed.  Sidney's
wife, Gina, had already waded out into the water and said her PT Cruiser was flooded already.  The water was already
above her dashboard.  The water was continuing to rise about an inch per hour!
  After watching a few cars get opened and seeing the water rush into them, we decided that we may not want our vehicle
towed.  The towing company kept saying that the water would have already breached the cars, but I thought I'd go have a
look anyway.  I went back to my room and changed into my bathing suit shorts, borrowed a pair of flip flops from Gina,
and made my way out into the cold (and nasty) water.  The farther out I went the deeper it got.  Once I was at the van I
climbed in threw the back doors.  The back end wasn't as submerged as the front end.  In fact, the water was right at the
top of the bumper, so when I opened the door none of the water got in.  I was worried about what I would find once I got
to the front of the van.  I was shocked to see that everything was DRY!  Not a single drop of water had made it into the
van!  Looking out the window and seeing water THAT high up knowing the van still managed to keep it out amazed me!
  The next test was to see if I could move the van.  I turned the key and got a very angry sound from the van, but it still
started!  I was able to very slowly drive the van out of the water onto higher ground!  After it was safely away from the
water I checked the fluids in the engine.  Everything was fine!  We lucked out with the van!  It survived the flood!  Gina's
PT Cruiser wasn't as lucky, though.  It was one of the last cars to be moved.  By the time they got it out it was too late.
She had only had the car about 6 months; it had been brand new.
  Later that day they started evacuating the inn and several of the other hotels in the area because the water was starting to
flood the buildings.  The casino was higher up than most of the buildings, so everyone was being relocated to the main
hotel inside the casino.  The casino stayed open the entire time the flood was happening (of course).  The water DID
finally start going down late in the evening.  The casino never had to close and we were able to play a rockin' show that
night!  It was my first flood, and even though it wasn't a MAJOR disaster, it'll still be a story I can tell!
-Bambi Lynn


Good morning...RIVER?  Hey!
Weren't you a parking lot last night?

The view outside my window.
Looks like a fish tank to me!

Here's was the view I got stepping
out of the lobby!

It's a rock 'n' roll flood! I guess he
hasn't noticed the van yet!

Nope, the drains just couldn't
keep up with the river water!

It just kept getting deeper
the farther out you'd go. 

Here's the pathway to the casino.
It got even deeper later on.

Here's one of the dryer areas on the
side of the inn. It's only about 1' deep.


All those cars... Yikes!

Okay, it's about time to go get the
van.  The water just keeps rising.

That's me climbing into the van!
Yeah!  Bambi to the rescue!

There's me driving the van after it's
little bath!  Wish I'd had soap first!


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