Coach Clark Rich's Poem



Thank you Coach Rich for writing this
poem about Radio Cult!  You ROCK!

"A Radio Cult Fan's Song"

by: Coach Clark Rich

The Queen of Dean, Rick's boomin' bass,
Radio Cult's rockin' this place!!
The lightning flashes from Ruff's guitar,
Radio Cult's kickin' this bar!
Jody's heated rhythms; Jay-Jay's sizzlin' skins
Radio Cult's blastin' again.

Every Friday and Saturday, or Thursday night,
The Cult's hard-rockin' some town tonight
Before you know it, you're on your feet.
Movin' with the Cult's heavy heat
You'll dance with anyone; you just don't care
You'd even rock with Smokey the Bear!

Checkerboard flashes fill your eyes
As you watch the girl with the electric thighs
Rockin' your world with her guitar by Dean
She sure can swing that thing real mean!
Ruff's lightning riffs strike your numbed-out ears
They get you higher than fifteen beers

The driving bottoms from Rick's bass guitar
Will make you forget just who you are
The boomin' beat 'tween Jay-Jay's feet
Moves you to a groove that's hard to beat
When Radio Cult's kickin' hard and fast
Problems and worries can kiss your ____

Whether you're Old or Young, Black or White
Rich or Poor, doesn't matter tonight
All that counts is that you're here with us
To Rock to the band on the short white bus
When the tunes have been played and the rockin's done
We love you, Cult! You're number one!

High Energy fun show! 80s party music, 80's influenced original music and so much more!!! Extraordinary cover band!

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