Gregg and Tami's Poem



Thank you Gregg and Tami for writing this
poem about Radio Cult!  You ROCK!


The first time we saw them , we could tell they had soul 
And we knew they meant it when they sang "I Love Rock and Roll"
They lit up the stage like a thousand watt candle 
They were "Just What I Needed" and not "Hard To Handle"
We were hooked from the first note, didn't take long to see 
Radio Cult , "You Really Got Me"

Their fans numbers growing , their gospel is spreading 
Soon we'll all learn to "Whip It" and have a "White Wedding"
When they "Play That Funky Music" it will drive you insane 
Like you're headed to a "Love Shack" on a "Crazy Train"
Tight as a fist when their sound is unleashed 
"Pour Some Sugar On Me" and I'll tell you 'bout each 

When you see Bambi on stage , like a toy on a shelf 
It may be hard , but "Keep Your Hands To Yourself" 
From keyboard to cowbell, she dances and twirls 
We're sure you'll agree , she's more than "Just A Girl" 
Lovely and talented , sugar with rock spices
 I'll never "Hate Myself For Loving You" , one of my favorite vices 

Ricky holds the bass line down , each beat is pure gold 
His fingers should be a Guitar Magazine "Centerfold" 
"One Way Or Another" he's guaranteed to please ya'
 Always trying something new (how 'bout some "Anesthesia"?) 
When you "Jump" in front of the stage his beats never miss 
You'll be white as a zombie from his lethal "Thunderkiss" 

Jay Jay keeps the rhythm solid as a "Brick House"
On skins he's truly "The Trooper", a man not a mouse 
His beats like bullets straight into your brain 
His sticks will "Rock You Like A Hurricane"
Set on his throne laden with checkerboard 
Jay Jay "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" , you're the drum overlord 

Ruff shreds his axe in this theatre of pain 
His "Eruption" not drowned out in the "Purple Rain"
His sound so crunchy you could almost eat it 
Once his "Hella Good" jams start , you won't want him to "Beat It"
His riffs hum and buzz like an angry beehive 
A big reason this band's "Wanted: Dead or Alive" 

Jody you know "What I Like About You"
Is you take me "Home Sweet Home" , let me practice "Santaria" too 
Your sound like blood through the heart of the band 
When the "Sandman" enters and we're off to never land 
Each note like a storm hits you right in the face 
Leaves you dizzy and grinning like a "Basket Case"

So that's the band , man they're always fun 
They'll "Melt With You" like a "Blister In The Sun" 
They play it all -metal, rock , pop
You'll "Walk This Way" , do the "Blitzkrieg Bop" 
They'll "Rock and Roll All Night" , until early morn 
Take you to "Paradise City", remind you "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" 

So set free the "Red Balloons" , prepare for them to rock your world 
Just don't forget Bambi is always a "Material Girl" 
Pick up a "Mix Tape", sign up for the e-mail 
Buy a t-shirt , a sticker or a thong if you're female 
A talented band , with something to prove 
When it's time to rock out, just "Make the First Move"

High Energy fun show! 80s party music, 80's influenced original music and so much more!!! Extraordinary cover band!

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This musical group is about music, entertainment, having fun, and  high-energy shows! Rock and roll!