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November 22, 2012
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
  I hope you are having as wonderful of a year as I am!  I am so incredibly thankful for all of the fantastic new friends I've gotten to
meet over the years!  I'm constantly amazed at how kind and generous people can be!  I've been so lucky to be surrounded by so
many wonderful people!  THANK YOU so very much to every single person who has supported us over the years!  I look forward
to continuing to ROCK with ALL of you for many more years!!!  I hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving!

    Radio Cult had a rockin' Halloween!  We played several costume parties this year!  Check out the brand new
Halloween 2012
page to see a bunch of great costumes!  My favorite costumes this year were BY FAR Will & Jessica's AWESOME
costumes- they dressed as me and Ricky!  The detail they put into the costumes was incredible!!!  Will even learned how to
PLAY GUITAR by learning our song "Saturday Midnight Double Feature" so that he could sit in with us dressed like me!  He did
an AMAZING job!!!  The photo of them went right to the top of the
Look-A-Likes & Tributes page!
  Ricky and I were asked to perform at the Savannah Children's Book Festival this year!  There were an estimated 45,000
people there!  It was a great (and FUN) experience!  We got to meet a bunch of great artists and writers- including
Tad Hills,
author/artist of the #1 New York Times Best Seller "Rocket Learns To Read!"  
  Here are the pages on the website that I've updated and/or added most recently: 
Celebrities, Live Photos (ALL pages!), Photos
, Fan Artwork, Look-A-Likes & Tributes, Halloween 2012 Photos, and Miscellaneous Photos!
-Bambi Lynn

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Halloween 2012 Photos!






 Savannah Children's Book Festival 

  Tad Hills!

Professor Von Meow!



October 14, 2012
Hello Everyone!
    Radio Cult has had another few awesome months!  I got another AWESOME Dean Guitar to add to my collection of
FANTASTIC axes!  It's very glitter-tastic, too!  Come check it out in person because photos just don't do it justice!
    Radio Cult was asked to be back on the radio podcast
BCX Radio a few weeks ago!  You can go download the
podcast for FREE on their website:  If you like the podcast, make sure to subscribe to it on iTunes
and leave them a comment!
    In addition to the many amazingly cool shows we've gotten to play over the last few months, Radio Cult just played 
Sci-Fi Con 2012 in Columbus, GA!  It was SO much fun!  We played in the Planetarium at the Coca-Cola Space & Science
Center!  There was a laser show going on the whole time above our heads while we played!  It was really cool!  You can
check out photos from the convention on the brand new Sci-Fi Con 2012 photo page!
    We have a bunch of cool stuff coming up (Halloween!) in the next few weeks!  Make sure to check out our
calendar to see
when/where we are playing near you!
  Here are the pages on the website that I've updated and/or added most recently: 
Celebrities, Live Photos (ALL pages!),
Photos Page, Columbus, GA Sci-Fi Con 2012 Photos Page, and Miscellaneous Photos!
-Bambi Lynn

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Sci-Fi Con 2012 Photos!

Live on BCX Radio!


Macon, GA ALWAYS rocks!

GLITTER guitar!

Peachtree City loves to dance!

Atlanta fun!

Knoxville, TN

Doc Hammer!

Rockin' the youth of Dallas!



The sign says it all!

Columbia, SC!

Knoxville, TN likes
to party!


July 29, 2012
Hello Everyone!
    Radio Cult has been getting to play some awesome places recently!  We've done a bunch of private parties, festivals, and
weddings in addition to our regular venues!  We even got to play a Walking Dead Zombie party!  There were zombies in the
audience!  How cool is that?!  
  We've also gotten to play a few benefit concerts the past two months!  We played a Wounded Warrior Benefit in Lexington, SC
alongside a bunch of awesome bands!  Special thanks to Jesse James from the band
Cydetrax for putting that one together!
It was a great cause!
  We also played the Dog Day Benefit (put together by
Paws Be Good) in Jasper, GA to raise money for a no-kill shelter!  It was
really cool getting to see a bunch of puppies in the audience!  Many of them were up for adoption and got to go home with their
new families!  That was also an awesome benefit!
  Radio Cult has branched out into several different formats!  In addition to our regular 4 or 5 band members format, you can now
see us as an acoustic duo (Ricky and I on acoustic guitars), or even as a three-piece band (I rock the guitar the entire show!)
Make sure to check out our calendar!  I post when we are doing special shows!
  Here are the pages on the website that I've updated and/or added most recently: 
Celebrities, Live Photos (ALL pages!), Photos
, and Miscellaneous Photos!
-Bambi Lynn

80s Party!


Hanging out with "The Mels!"

VA festival


Peachtree City, GA


Lexington, SC

Dog Day Benefit

Larry Mainland from The Walking Dead

Cinco De Mayo


April 2, 2012
Hello Everyone!
    March was great! We got to play a few new places and got to meet a bunch of new people!  We also got to play at the fabulous
JOELANTA convention!  If you've never been to Joelanta you just don't know what you are missing!  The people there are fantastic!  We got to hang out with Larry Hama (of G.I. Joe fame) again this year!  We also got to hang out with Sonya Thompson, Larry Mainland, and Rodney M. Hall from the TV show The Walking Dead!  It's so nice to meet celebrities that are as nice as they are!
    There were also several surprises for Radio Cult at Joelanta this year!  Joelanta has a custom action figure contest every year and several people made custom Radio Cult action figures for it!  They were AMAZING!  Jack Hall even made a 1/6 scale Tender Vittles (my big white robotic cat) for his Radio Cult diorama!  I still can't stop giggling at it!  You can see photos of the action figures (as well as a lot of photos from Joelanta) on the Joelanta 2012 Photos page!
    We also had a bunch of friends sit in with us at Joelanta!  That's a pretty big highlight for me!  I love it when people sit in with us!  Fran, from the band
The Lovebuzzards, was one of the many people that sat in!  Mike Gardner, David Lane, Don Coffey (of Hot Coffey and the Creamers fame), Mike Troutt, EJ White, and Allen Belk also rocked the stage with us!  It was a SUPER fun show!
    I've updated the Fan Art section on the website!  We had a bunch of new submissions for this month!  Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has contributed over the years!  It amazes me how much great art has ended up on that page!    
  Here are the pages on the website that I've updated and/or added most recently: 
Joelanta 2012 Photos, Celebrities, Live Photos,
Miscellaneous Photos, Look-A-Likes & Tributes, Fan Art, and Photos Page!
-Bambi Lynn

Click here to see photos
of Joelanta 2012!

Mini Me!

Bambi Zombified!

 Tender Vittles made a friend!

1/6 Scale Radio Cult!

by: R Bryant

Ari Lehman
from Friday the 13th!!

Fran from the

Party at Joelanta!

Macon, GA!


March 1, 2012
Hello Everyone!
    January and February ROCKED!  We had a bunch of cool shows, met lots of cool people, and had many cool adventures!  If you
happened to have missed it on our home page, WE HAVE A NEW MUSIC VIDEO!  :-)   The incredibly AWESOME
Ormon Grimsby, (from
Monster Creature Feature) shot, edited, and even starred in the video!  Click HERE (or on the video below) to watch the music video for the song "Saturday Midnight Double Feature" by Radio Cult!  Ormon did a FANTASTIC job!!!
    In addition to our regular shows, Radio Cult played a benefit concert for the non-profit organization
PAWS For Hope & Faith!  PAWS For
Hope & Faith is an organization that raises money for no-kill animal shelters!  The concert was a great event (run by awesome people!) that
we are proud to have been a part of!
    Last, but certainly not least, we also played
ConNooga 2012!  ConNooga is one of the most fun weekends of the year for us!  ConNooga
is a Multi-Fandom convention held in Chattanooga, TN that is run by some of the nicest people around!  I have made so many great friends
at ConNooga that I hate having to wait another whole year to see them again!  If you haven't been to ConNooga- you should definitely
check it out!  I added a page filled with photos from this year's convention called
ConNooga 2012 Photos to the website!
  Here are the pages on the website that I've updated and/or added most recently: 
ConNooga 2012 Photos, Live Photos (all pages),
Miscellaneous Photos, Media, and Photos Page!
-Bambi Lynn

Radio Cult's music video
for the song
"Saturday Midnight Double Feature"



Fun in Lawrenceville, GA!

Bambi at the PAWS
benefit in Atlanta!

Rockin' Macon, GA!



January 12, 2012
    We just finished another amazing year and are off to a rockin' start of 2012!  It's amazing that we've been rockin' for over 6 years now!  We've played some amazing places and made some AWESOME friends over the past 6 years!  Ricky and I also started playing as an acoustic duo!  Now, in addition to our full band show, you can see us as a mellower acoustic act!  We've also been learning a bunch of new songs!  The party just doesn't stop!!   We look forward to seeing what the new year brings us!  
  I've updated a bunch of stuff on the website!  There are a bunch of new photos throughout the site!  I've even added a
Christmas 2011 Photos page were you can see photos of us around Christmas time!  Here's the pages on the website that I've updated and/or added:
Christmas 2011 Photos, Live Photos (all pages), Miscellaneous Photos, Celebrities, Media, Song List, and Photos Page!
-Bambi Lynn

Rockin' in Covington, GA

These girls were showin'
Ricky some love!

Fun in Virginia!


Ricky & Bambi Acoustic!

Columbus, GA

I'm a cowboy!


November 2, 2011
Hi Everyone!  
  WOW!  I had around 800 photos to go through from this past weekend!  Halloween weekend was AWESOME!  THANK YOU to everyone who rocked with us!  Also, EXTRA THANKS to everyone who's been sending photos!  I've created a new
Halloween 2011 Photos page! Radio Cult's group costume this year was "Steampunk Radio Cult"!  Jobe built an AMAZING Steampunk guitar that is absolutely AMAZING!  He has an old Morse Code clicker attached to it that disables the pickups- so when you tap it, it makes the guitar cut on and off!  He also has several lights hooked up throughout the guitar that light up in different ways!  It's REALLY cool!  Want to see more photos of it?  Check out the Halloween 2011 Photos page! While you are there you can also check out all of the awesome costumes!   
  Here are the pages on the website that I just updated : 
Halloween 2011 Photos, Miscellaneous Photos, the Main Photos Page, and the Calendar!
-Bambi Lynn


Steampunk Radio Cult

Steampunk Guitar - Radio Cult
Jobe built a
Steampunk Guitar!!!

Steampunk Guitar - Radio Cult

PS- Don't forget about our new CD- Never Enough!  It's available at any of our shows, on our CDs Page, and even 
        on iTunes (for those of you with MP3 players!)


October 10, 2011

Hi Everyone!  
  BIG NEWS!!!! We are VERY excited to announce that Radio Cult has released a brand new (ALL ORIGINAL music) CD!  That's right!!!  Pick up your copy of "
Never Enough" either online (order online here) or at any of our shows!  You can also view all of our CDs that we have available for purchase on the Radio Cult CDs page!
  We've had a LOT of cool stuff happening over the last few months! This past July 1st was Radio Cult's 6 year anniversary!!!! That's right!  6 full years of hard rockin' and rollin'!!!  In addition to celebrating our 6 year anniversary and releasing our 4th CD,
Never Enough, we've also played several festivals and conventions (in addition to our regular shows, that is)!  We even rocked out at the TG4 DVD Premier (Radio Cult is on the soundtrack)!  Check out the photos from the Horror convention we played in Gatlinburg, TN at Horror Weekend 2011!  We got to hang out with a lot of new people and made a bunch of new friends!
  Ricky and I have been playing some acoustic shows as well!  We played a special show at the Decatur Book Festival alongside the comic book character
Galaxy Man!  The Radio Cult song "Galaxy Man (Theme Song)" is available on our new CD, Never Enough!
  Keep checking back for more updates!  Halloween is right around the corner and I'm ready to start taking photos for the website!  HaHaHa! Radio Cult is actually playing two Halloween parties this year, so I'm hoping to have a LOT of photos!
  Here are the pages on the website that I just updated : 
Live Photos (all pages), Miscellaneous Photos, Look-a-Likes & Tributes, Fan Photos, Fan Artwork, Radio Cult CDs Page, Celebrities, and Horror Weekend 2011 Photos!
-Bambi Lynn

Here are some photo highlights from the past few months!

Art by:
Buddy Finethy

Ricky & Bambi Acoustic! 

The Decatur Book Festival with Radio Cult and Galaxy Man!

Gravity fail! HaHaHa! 

Dean Guitar HERO! 

NC wedding

Tender Vittles! 

At the TG4 DVD Premier 


P. J. Soles from the
movie "Carrie"

"Dante" from the movie "Clerks"

Sid Haig from
the Rob Zombie movies!

Steven Adler
from Guns & Roses

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